This week as we marked the UN International #MandelaDay on 18 July we were also reminded of Madiba’s unflinching support for the Palestinian struggle against, in his words, Israeli “colonialism“.

In 1990 Mandela participated in a town hall meeting in New York City, chaired by Ted Koppel of ABC Networks. The interview focuses on, among other issues, Mandela’s call for boycotts and sanctions against Apartheid South Africa as well as his backing of the Palestinian struggle against Israel oppression.

The interview took place during a time when Mandela was still considered a terrorist by the USA, Israelis and others. However, even then, when it may have been unfashionable, costly or unpopular to support the Palestinians, Mandela stood firm and resolute on his principles and his organisation’s policies in support of the Palestinians. Click here to watch the video online.