May 2016

To Ninja (Watkin Tudor Jones), Yolandi Visser and DJ Hi-Tek,

We are citizens of Israel, active against our government’s military occupation and apartheid policies against the Palestinian people. After many years of trying to change our society from within, we have come to the conclusion that only an international campaign, such as the one against apartheid South Africa at the time, will change the situation here.

We have received news that Die Antwoord is scheduled to perform in Israel in June 2016. While many people in Israel may enjoy and appreciate the talent of Die Antwoord (and rightly so), we request that you postpone your visit to Israel until the time when Israel complies with international law and stops its discriminatory occupation and apartheid policies of mass violence against the Palestinian people. Israel’s violations in this regard are most egregious, including acts which may amount to crimes against humanity.

We urge you to respect the call issued by Palestinian civil society for boycott, divestment and sanctions in 2005. This call has resulted in a worldwide movement for justice and equality here. Please note that this call has been widely endorsed by the South African justice and human rights community, as well as Black Lives Matter activists in the US.

Just as white activists during apartheid in South Africa stood up for justice,  and supported the liberation of all South Africans from a racist regime, we too join the Palestinian-led worldwide movement to end Israel’s apartheid. We are hopeful that you will take the ethical position of refusing to perform in Israel at this time given your history as South Africans, as people who know about the bitterness of injustice and live with the consequences of apartheid.

We are open and happy to answer any queries that you may have. We also urge you to accept the request by BDS South Africa and other South African partners for a meeting to discuss this matter.

BOYCOTT! Supporting the Palestinian BDS Call from Within