Israeli government blacklists South African NGO
he South African human rights and Palestine solidarity organisation, BDS South Africa, a registered NGO and Public Benifet Organization (PBO), is among 20 international groups that have been added to a “blacklist” by the Israeli government’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs, headed by Gilad Erdan.
According to Erdan, who’s department is responsible for countering the international BDS movement, members of the blacklisted organizations will not be allowed to enter the country. Israel’s Haaretz Newspaper quotes  (Click here) (Read more)

Israel’s BDS attack is an attack on South Africans and the ANC
The ANC in the Western Cape cautions the Israeli government that it’s recent blacklist of those who support the BDS movement has only encouraged us to increase our support for the Palestinian struggle and Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions movement. According to a list released by the Israeli government, those cited will not be allowed entry to Israel-Palestine over their support for BDS. The list singles out BDS South Africa, an organization of South African citizens and many of whom are ANC members.

In the ANC-led South Africa many of our Ministers and other senior government officials including Members of Parliament, Premiers, Mayors and others are vocal, public supporters of .…….

SA Minister of Sports to boycott Israel tennis match

The human rights and Palestine solidarity organization, BDS South Africa, welcomes the decision by South Africa’s Minister of Sports and Recreation, Honourable Thulas Nxesi, to boycott the upcoming Davis Cup Israel tennis match.
The decision comes following an appeal by South African civil society organizations who appealed to the Minister, in line with the BDS boycott of Israel, to not attend the match given that an Israeli team would be present.



South African Jews welcome Sport Minister’s Israel Tennis Boycott
The South African Jews for a Free Palestine (SAJFP*) welcomes the decision by our Minister of Sport and Recreation, Thulas Nxesi, to boycott the upcoming Davis Cup tennis match between South Africa and Israel. The minister’s stance is a welcome move – a sports boycott of Israel is a necessary means to show Israelis that the Occupation and general denial of human rights to Palestinians will not be accepted. In this vein, we hope that his action will also be a signal to the South African government to engage with all our sporting codes so as to implement a general refusal to play Israeli teams until a just peace settlement is reached. (Read more)


Successful protest at Davis Cup Israel tennis match
Over 200 members of various organizations, trade unions, human rights groups and faith based bodies, including the SA Jews for a Free Palestine, staged a militant but disciplined and successful protest at today’s Davis Cup tennis match in South Africa.

Vuvuzelas, whistles and loud singing of well known anti-apartheid struggle songs could be heard from far including, according to some who were inside, on the tennis court! (Read more)