SOUTH AFRICAN SPEAKING TOUR: Professor Uri Davis, Palestine Liberation Organization Member of Jewish Origin [7 – 13 MARCH 2016]

Dr Uri Davis, of Jewish origin, grew up in the Israeli town of Kfar Shmariyahu and is today an Associate Professor at Al-Quds University in Jerusalem, Palestine.

Davis is an anthropologist who holds a PhD in Philosophical Anthropology, an MA in Philosophy and a BA in Arabic. In addition Dr Davis is an honorary research fellow at the universities of Durham and Exeter in the United Kingdom.

Between the 7th and 13th of March, Professor Uri Davis will be on a South African speaking tour as part of the 12th annual international‪#‎IsraeliApartheidWeek (IAW) campaign. The speaking tour is made possible by the Palestinian Embassy in South Africa. The full schedule of Dr Uri Davis’ speaking tour will be published in due course.

Uri Davis nation tour 2