Join us on Thursday evening as we host a group of visiting Palestinian Christians (who are in South Africa for the 30th anniversary of the Kairos Document).

The visiting Palestinian Christian delegation will share their Christian perspective on the Israeli-Palestinian issue, the question of Israeli “apartheid” and whether they back the boycott of Israel.

Thursday evening’s participants will include Ms Hind Khoury (Bethlehem) Secretary General of Kairos Palestine, Ms Nora Carmi (Jerusalem) Kairos Palestine, Reverend Yusef Daher (Jerusalem) Inter Church Centre and Pastor Robert Smith (Jerusalem) World Council of Churches. See below for more information on each of the speakers/participants of the upcoming Thursday evening event.

11893975_1003563383041145_836147880185464086_oDATE: Thursday, 20 August
TIME: 18h30 for 19h00
VENUE: 10 Floor, 23 Jorrissen Street, Braamfontein, JHB
PARKING: Available on Stiemens Street (off Bertha Road)
RSVP: / 0114032097

Ms Hind Khoury, from Bethlehem, is the former PLO Ambassador to France, former Palestinian Minister of Jerusalem Affairs and the current Secretary General of Kairos Palestine (the Palestinian Christian liberation theology organization). Click here for a short YouTube interview with Ms. Hind Khoury:

Ms Nora Carmi, from Jerusalem, is previously of the Palestinian Christian liberation theology organization, Sabeel. Carmi now serves on the leadership of Kairos Palestine. Click here for a short YouTube video of Ms. Nora Carmi:

Yusef Daher, from Jerusalem, is the executive secretary of the Jerusalem Inter-Church Centre that facilitates contacts, information sharing and deliberation among Churches in Jerusalem. Click here for a video interview with Yusef Daher:

Reverend Robert O. Smith is a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church and currently serves as co-moderator of the Palestine-Israel Ecumenical Forum of the World Council of Churches. Smith is also an author of several books. Click here for more information on Reverend Smith including the titles of his books: