• Amanda

      I have friends that hide WOOLWORTHS products on their Instagram, like turn them upside down, but I know the font that WOOLIES uses and spot their products a mile away. But the fact that they have to hide it its funny

    • Fiona

      I haven’t seen my aunt in months’ and when I saw her on Thursday night, within the first couple of minutes she says “I confess I went there once and only last month because I needed jersey and I couldn’t find one anywhere else. I walked the whole mall. But now I feel guilty every time I wear it”. She said she won’t go there again Looks like activists people might start taking “confessions”

    • Ayisha

      My Aunty is so embarrassed about a pair of brown boots she bought from WOOLWORTHS during winter

    • John

      I went to drop off hoodies at one of our printers and he confessed that he was walking in the mall, and it was a shorter route to walk, through WOOLIES, so he put on his hood, put his head down and walked through hoping nobody sees him

    • Busisiwe

      A WOOLIES cake once collapsed at a birthday party and people were blaming each other as who bought the cake and why? Who asked who to buy. It was hilarious

    • Yassen

      In PE people would pay people to deliver Woolworths groceries at night, that’s when I knew it was deep

    • Tebogo

      People are very uncomfortable with just mentioning the store around you, they could be giving you directions and if one says “you pass WOOLWORTH” its get awkward really quick.

    • Bash

      Myself and my family stoped shopping there and will never support them again never never.

    • Nazrene

      Glad to read the comments here. I though I was the only one with family that thought they needed to hide their Woolworths purchases…I took it as a positive sign that at least they had a conscience, but just never yet reach a level of commitment to join the #BoycottWoolworth campaign.
      Personally, it has saved my thousands!!!

    • Naz

      I don’t think I can ever go into a woolies store again, I haven’t went into a store in 2 years and I don’t feel comfortable.. their behaviour during all of this was appalling which can’t be forgotten.

    • Lindikaya

      I used to buy school uniform for my kids there but ever since the call was made I suppressed my kids and their mother who liked buying clothes at Woolworths. (FB Comment)

    • David

      All hail the successful campaign of BDS up to where we are. As an activist, I commit to any other strategy employed by BDS moving forward.



    • Aneesa

      Good morning

      I wanted to congratulate this organisation on the incredible work that it has done over the years and making massive strides in changing the Palestinian narrative.

      Aneesa (Email)

    • Naeem

      Well done, and congratulations!!!!! A great campaign and a fantastic result!!

    • Isaac

      I never purchased anything in Woolworths ever since the call by BDS of #‎BoycottWoolworths‬ campaign. How many of you who headed the call? I would honestly declare though that since the announcement of the end of the blanket boycott I’m relieved…..

    • Ay

      I cannot be prouder to say my family and I were strong with the #boycottwoolworths campaign right up to this day👌well done [Tw comment]

    • Sham

      Congratulations to all #BoycottWoolworths campaign to one and all it’s an achievement. [Tw comment]

    • Ranch

      We saved Money & Might continue. Twitter

    • Zaubai

      well done to those who boycotted woolworths

    • Goolam

      Congratulations BDS. A campaign well run and raising the consciousness of young and old. Stuck to it for 2 full years and now finding it difficult to go back…still a lack of contriteness on Woolworths part

    • Dineo

      Well done BDS for the #boycottWoolworths campaign we always have you back

    • Shameela and Naeema

      We shopped at Woolies at least thrice in a month. Since the boycott my family and I never set foot in Woolies again. Saved us a lot of bucks as well. To all who stand with the Palestinians and all who are oppressed, well done humanitarians. Let’s make dua/pray we are always succesful in helping others.

    • Naz

      I can proudly say I haven’t purchased anything from them for 2 years…no matter how desperate I was.

      Here in Melrose, that’s the closest grocery store for me since I work in the area. I managed to overcome the inconvenience of driving elsewhere to shop after work just bearing in mind the bigger picture of why I’m doing this and why I’m part of the campaign. It gave me great pride knowing that I’m doing this for a great cause.

      If the boycott is over, I would be a bit relieved to be honest, but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat, if I had to. {email}

    • Latifa

      I used to complain to my family that i m experiencing woolies withdrawal symptoms..my family n i saved loads by being part of the campaign and my 11 , 9 and 6 yr old sons would be horrified and very upset with me if i even suggested walking through a woolies…if anyone bought us woolies treats as a gift it was like receiving contraband goods.”get rid of it…palestinians are dying” ..the campaign certainly conscientized my family ..

    • Tumi

      then campaign is over but believe me i will not step into the Woolworths store any time soon will find it hard i just cant believe what they did for the fact that they even tried to protest and even defend them selves yet innocent souls are being killed.

    • Nu-aym

      I honestly think that BDS did a great job with the woolies campaign really it is about time that we fight for our fellow brothers and sisters #boycottwoolworths together we can do it

    • Jessica

      We done with woolworths now lets target all the other companies that still stock Israel goods , hope all South Africans stand and fight this struggle

    • Abbey

      I am Jew and i totally disagree with the struggle that the Palestinians have to go through lets treat each other with brotherly love #boycottwoolworths

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