Below are the official biographies of the so called Israeli "students" (written by them themselves). What is clear is that:
- Several are not students, though they claim to be
- Virtually all of have served or are serving in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)
- Several in elite units of the IDF (including combat units) 
- One even boasts of serving during the Israeli massacre in Gaza in 2009
- One of them is a CEO of a company that develops military technology
- One of them works at an Israeli security company. 

- One is at institute that boasts its "close association" with the Israeli military and government
- Two of them work at the Israeli parliament, the Knesset
- Two of them have been "proud" Israeli diplomats
The IDF is the Israeli military that carries out Israel's illegal occupation of Palestinian lands. Both the IDF and the Israeli security/military establishment have been implicated in war crimes and crimes against humanity. The Israeli parliament, the Knesset, is the Israeli body that enacts Israel's racist and undemocratic legislature.

This is not a student delegation but an Israeli government-army delegation, undisguised! It is most definitely, as SA student bodies have rightly pronounced, a propagandistic mission to undermine South African solidarity with the just struggle of Palestinian students who are struggling against Israeli Apartheid. 

Read their (official) biographies below and decide for yourself. (pdf)