Other than attending Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) events and activities, IAW  also offers ordinary people an opportunity to take part in something truly global. If you would like to get involved and organize your own IAW event or action let us know so that we can share with you the IAW Basis of Unity and organizing principles. Here are some ways that you can actively get involved:

1. Organize a film screening
Consider hosting the film, 'Roadmap to Apartheid', for your organization, community, school etc. For more info you can contact us at or 

2. Arrange a lecture, workshop, rally or protest
There are many competent speakers and senior comrades that we can suggest for you to host. Be in touch with us ( or and we can put you in contact with some of them. IAW South Africa Team members can also make themselves available for events, workshops, discussions etc.

3. Join the graffiti initiative, "Paint for Palestine"
The Durban based, GangsOfGraffiti, have called on fellow street-artists and graffiti-writers to participate in IAW by creating works with "FREE PALESTINE" as the theme.  You too, with friends, comrades and activists can create your own painting/mural/graffiti. Remember to send us footage. Find more info here:

4. Assist with posters and flyers
IAW posters, flyers and stickers are available online. Download, print, distribute, make it your Facebook photo and spread the word Click here and then scroll down to view the IAW material and click here to download the IAW Facebook Profile photo.

5. Join us online

6. Be creative
Be creative! Draw attention to Israeli apartheid with a Mock Israeli Apartheid Wall or Checkpoint, a flash mob, a concert or poetry reading, street theater, protest etc. Click here to find out what other people are doing around the world:

7. Want to assist us financially or donate?
IAW organizing and events rely solely on community contributions. If you would like to donate to this initiative, please contact us at or